Granite / Bluestone

Granite has been used for hundreds of years in the building and construction fields. Granite was so commonly used in ancient architecture. Granite was also historically used by royals, for the covering of courtyards in their castles and estates. It is particularly excellent in high traffic areas, such as sidewalks and pavements. Even today Granite Pavers are a popular choice for flooring applications. The reason is that Granite has the ability to completely transform the look of any home, commercial building, interior, exterior, floor, wall, bench top, fireplace or vanity. Wherever Granite is used it is sure to enhance the overall appeal and market value of your investment. Granite Pavers are being seen more and more in the garden and landscapes of residential properties. Because it is a natural stone, it is able to blend in so well with plants, trees and flowers, enabling people to create a space where one can enjoy their natural surroundings, while extending the space of the house. Granite is one of the most durable and strong building stones. It has a very hard surface, making it very difficult to chip, scratch or wear. This makes it ideal for use in high traffic areas, for it will last a lifetime. Granite is also colorfast and stain resistant. Granite Pavers are ideal for use around pool areas, where there will be a lot of water splashed onto the floor, where people will be walking and playing around. Granite has a hardwearing, rough surface to it; this is what makes it slip-resistant. There is little to know maintenance required with Granite pavers. It is recommended that you seal your pavers once a year to help reduce the risk of permanent staining. Granite is a 100% non-combustible material making it completely fireproof and also completely heat resistant. This means that Granite Pavers can be used near the fireplace or barbecue and will not be too hot to walk on a hot summer’s day.

Diamond Gold
Diamond White
Gunmetal Dark Grey
Jet Black
Sesame Grey
Raven Black