Mosaic tiles can be made of various materials: ceramics, marble, stone, glass and porcelain stoneware. This means they have a wide range of colours and decorations. Thanks to their mesh support, these tiles can cover rounded surfaces, too. But that’s not all: since they are sold by sheets, you can cut exactly the strips you need. They are, in short, extremely versatile. And this is proven by the fact that, while some years ago one could see mosaic tiles in particularly damp rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens, now they are used to decorate any area. The countless combinations of materials and colours mosaic tiles make possible can therefore create a colourful and modern effect on any floor and wall, both indoors and outdoors, thanks to their properties: • they resist wear and passing of time; • they are easily cleaned.

Stack Bond Marble
Shino Stack Bond porcelain
Delta Nero
Fiori Rosa
Statuario Venato Porcelain
Calacatta Gold Porcelain
Roma Mix Porcelain
Hexagon Porcelain
Pearlescent Porcelain
Trapezium Porcelain
Arrowhead Porcelain
Feather Porcelain
Gems Porcelain Series
Penny Round Glazed Porcelain Mosaic
Rustic Stack-Bond Porcelain Mosaic
Porcelain Fan Mosaic
Starlight Metallic Porcelain
Pietra Grey Porcelain
Mini French Pattern
Carrara Brickbond
Calacatta Triangle
Round Star
Bluestone Wall Cladding
Pebbles Series